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Tent cards


Table tent card printing is very convenient at Symphony Graffiti. We offer table cards in two finishes – Glossy and Matte. 


We communicate through designs

All of us have spotted tent cards before at the restaurants, banks, conferences and many other places. These are generally considered a simple and easy way to communicate with potential customers about special offers or give information about your business.

What is the paper stock quality and finish of these tent cards?

We provide lightweight and durable tent cards. We also provide these cards in two finishes – glossy and matte. 

How do your tent cards stand?

Our tents have two flaps that interlock at the bottom, to make them stand on their own.

What is the main purpose of using tent cards?

The main purpose of tent cards is to advertise products and services or promote discounts and to identify your brand.

 Live your interest 

Design and beauty 

We ensure your needs are met with superior quality tent cards. Our printed tent card designs are evocative with a fine finish. Don’t worry about the tent card price either. We offer you the option of getting a single tent card made instead of ordering in bulk. We even provide unlimited colors so you can make your printable tent card design to your exact requirements, whether it’s a table tent card design or something else.