We creates personalized calendars for business clients. Our team of experienced graphic designers presents your company image, as well as your services and vision, in a format that suits your needs best.

01. Wall calendars 

These can have one or multiple pages. Calendars with multiple pages can present your services or products on each month’s page, whereas one-page calendars are comprehensive and their design usually consists of only one graphic solution you choose along with the calendar.

02. Pocket calendars 

These can be in small format and fit in your or your client’s pocket easily, or can be used as a bookmark. Pocket calendars are often combined with business cards: the front side contains your business card data with your logo and other contact details, whereas the back side contains a calendar.

03. Table calendars

 Similarly to wall calendars, table calendars also include your company’s logo and represent your services, products or simply beautiful graphics that can make the work environment look better.


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